Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Tips to make your life more organized in the New Year

Plans your meals at the start of the week. Make a list of things you have to buy and go grocery shopping once a week. Most people find it difficult to preplan every meal of the meal. Trust us, it does not have to be that difficult. Simply plan 7 lunches and 7 dinners for each week and make whatever seems appealing to you that day.

If you have never had a budget for your expenses, 2015 is the time to start having one. For all you know, 2015 could end up being the year of good financial decisions for you. Making a monthly budget will give you more control over your money. It will help you stay organized by letting you see the big picture and make you resist the urge to spend on impulse.

Closet organization will make your life and decisions simpler every day. The first step to organizing your wardrobe is to eliminate of all items that are unnecessary. If you have not worn an item in the past year, then it is probably time to get rid of it. For every new item you buy, discard one old item that you have not worn in a long time.

Some clothes cannot be discarded. These include seasonal clothing such as leather and furs. Also designer wear that are reserved for special occasions cannot be discarded for they might be of use in the future. But they take unnecessary real estate in your closet. Opt for a storage unit.

There are three secrets to organizing your email: categorize, archive and delete. Don't leave messages unread. Once you read a message, put it in a respective category or delete it. Also do not hang on to old messages back from 2006. You might not need them anymore. Respond to messages quickly. Set out 10-15 minutes a day everyday to replying and organizing your email and your inbox will be much cleaner.

Organize regularly
Your household does not descent into clutter all at once. Ultimate cluttering takes time to happen and it happens slowly, building over time. One of the most important tips we give people is that organizing regularly can really help in keeping your household clutter-free.
Here is what we do: Every day we organize one area of the house that seems cluttered to us. One day it could be the closet, another it could be the cabinet under the kitchen sink. Take your pick. If there is a spot in your home that looks cluttered and messy to you, work on it that day. Sometimes all it takes is 10 minutes a day to keep your life organized.

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