Monday, 29 September 2014

5 Unconventional Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas

What place do wine racks, cane baskets or magazine racks have in the bathroom? We’re here to change that perception. Read on to see how you can creatively use these things in the bathroom to store it’s most essential item: the towel!

1) The space above the commode is often unused. If you have a small bathroom, you cannot afford to waste space. Put up 2 wooden shelves above the commode and use them to store your towels, extra soaps and some flowers to make it look pretty.

2) As we are out to prove in this article, hanging towels on the towel bar is not the only way to store towels. You can use the towel bar to suspend baskets which can keep your towels looking pretty and dry.

3) Can you think of any use for magazine racks other than storing magazines?? Holding towels!! Magazine racks make for cute towel holders. Place them under the sink or on some shelf.

4) If you are starting to redo your bathroom from scratch, then this is definitely something you should incorporate. These little in-built spaces can also be great for storing and displaying fun bathtub toys.

5) Make your towels look classy in the bathroom. Put up a wine rake in the bathroom and roll your towels and place them in it. For kid's bathrooms, use towels of different colour to make it look more colorful and fun!

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Image Source:,, RJ Hutton

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