Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Discard Your Relocating and Storage Woes in Kuwait

George was in a dilemma. Ever since he had re-located to Kuwait, he was facing the problem of storage in his new house. Not that his house was  small and there was lack of space, but since he had bought a few new items to spruce up his new house, there would be a maintenance problem and he really was not keen on selling off those items either.

That’s when one of his office colleagues recommended him about The Box storage unit providers.  They are Kuwait’s leading storage unit and logistic providers with a good presence across the country.  The first thing that George did was calling them up and if he could visit their premises for a short visit before he took his decision. 

Once George got a confirmation from their end, he and his wife paid a visit to the Box at a branch nearby his residence. He was surprised that the storage units were extremely well maintained.

The entire area was centrally air-conditioned and that was a good factor for some of the goods. Next they went inside a sample storage unit of small size to see how the interiors were maintained.

The lighting in the interiors was good as the walls were clean and dry with the flooring well swept and cleaned. He was surprised and happy that the units were well taken care off.  His next concern was about the security so when he visited the security cell, he was surprised to see that the entire area was under CCTV surveillance. Though he did not have a storage unit, his entry was dully registered and marked.

What surprised George and his wife was the response that he got when he told the manager that he and his wife both are working and they will require help with packing. The manager promptly told him that it is not a problem and he will send his packing team to help him in packing of his belongings which he wanted to keep in the storage unit.

The packers were indeed quick and flawless as they finished packing George’s belongings in no time as they dispatched the items to the storage unit area.

George pays a nominal fee for using the personal storage services of the Box and is very happy with the quality of services that he is getting.  He is recommending the services now to one and all.

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