Monday, 21 April 2014

Making Moving in Kuwait Easy….

When Nitin Bharadwaj was transferred to Kuwait, he was worried and rightly so.  He was moving to a foreign land with his wife and young children for the first time. He looked up in the yellow pages and asked several of his friends to come up with a perfect solution that would cater to all his moving needs.

But he was not entirely satisfied with the results he got. Some quoted a very high price, some were not willing to take up any responsibility for the delicate and fragile objects and some even refused to help him pack. He was totally dejected and worried. Time was running out fast.

Then someone recommended Storage Kuwait to him.  When Nitin called them up for the first time, he was pleasantly surprised by their professional approach. They sent him a customer representative with a list of quotations that would best suit his needs. 

Soon, Nitin zeroed in on a package that best suited his needs. The Box storage people were kind enough to send people over who helped him pack all his belongings safely and securely. They were even willing to take up the responsibility of any damage that might occur during transit/storing.

As soon as Nitin and his young family moved to Kuwait, he was surprised how quick and efficient the services were. The movers were there in quick time and helped them unpack everything.  Soon, they got about shifting as well and settling down. 

Under Nitin’s guidance, all the household goods were carefully unloaded, unpacked and kept according to his and his family’s needs.  Nitin was really impressed by the efficiency and professionalism of the storage people. Everything was handled with care and in a thorough professional way. Not once did the people behave clumsily or handled any of the goods carelessly.

Now it so happened that there were a few things that Nitin didn’t need for the time being nor did he have the place to keep them. He again began to worry about the shipping cost that he would have to shell out for them to be sent to India.  But the Box storage people outdid his imagination again!

They offered Nitin to keep the unrequired material at their storage facility in Kuwait. When Nitin was apprehensive about how safe his belongings would be, they assured him that the things would be monitored all the time and would be under 24-hour CCTV surveillance.

Nitin was also told that each time he or any of his family members visited the belongings; their visiting entries would be logged.  When an awe-struck Nitin asked them the secret of such professional services, they replied that it was the ability of the staff to think of the belongings as their own and integrity was  a key element of the services they offered, Nitin was impressed against his own will.

Now Nitin happily recommends Storage Solutions in Kuwait to everyone.  You too can contact them if you are moving in or out of Kuwait.

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