Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Tips to Store Glass Items – Treat Them with Care

Glass items are very fragile and so you need to use them with utmost care. And once packed, your duty doesn’t end there. You need to port them properly from one place to another. Here we provide you with some simple tips to pack and store glass items.

Bring home boxes of different sizes – All the glass items need to be packed carefully inside boxes. A box that’s divided is better for storing as that would prevent one item from getting in touch with the other. If glass items get into contact with each other, it could lead to breakage. Hence it is very important that you use divided boxes for storage. In case, you can’t have a divided box, you can fill in tissue papers to cover up the space between one glass item and the other.

Use bubble wrap - The glass items shouldn’t be moving inside the box, or else they might get damaged. Hence you need to make use of plenty of paper, tissues and other materials to fill up the void between different objects. You can cover up the items using bubble wrap so that the glassware is adequately protected.

Label all the boxes carefully – Once you store the glass items in boxes, there’ll be different people handling them at different times. As soon as you have stored the glass items, you need to label them as ‘Handle with Care’ or ‘Fragile.’ In this way, the stuff is handled properly whenever it is being ported or used by different people.

Store the glass items in the right manner – If you have to store glass plates, don’t store them in a flat manner. You need to store them vertically one after the other. Give the plates enough padding and cushioning so that they do not crack or break. While storing cups, ensure that the handle area is thoroughly covered with packing paper so that they remain in one place itself while they are being moved.

Keep the above tips in mind to store glass items in an optimum manner.

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