Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Tips To Select The Right Packaging Material For Your Goods

Your things are precious to you more than anyone else. When it comes to packing your goods while shifting, you should never compromise on quality. Often, we are tempted to use cheap materials for packing up things, but it should never be the case. Here we provide you with some simple tips to select the right packaging material for your goods during the storage and shifting period.

1. Buy new boxes - This is one area where most of us go wrong. We often end up using the same old boxes that were used for the refrigerator or the TV while packing up stuff. This can have very bad repercussions as old boxes tend to break quite often. That’s the reason why you should always buy new boxes so that your goods are well protected and safe.

2. Use tissue papers to fill up the space within boxes – Fill up the space inside the boxes using tissue papers as that would help to avoid unnecessary motion of the goods within. 

3. Pack fragile items using bubble wrap – Fragile items need utmost care and you need to first cover them up using bubble wrap and then place them in their respective boxes. This will help to prevent breakage by all means. 

4. Use shrink wrap for heavy items – You can use shrink wrap to pack heavier items such as doors, cabinets and so on. This kind of packaging is also known to prevent infestation due to dust and water elements. 

5. Use canvas sheets for covering heavy goods – Heavy furniture can be covered up using canvas sheets as they are best for the long term storage of such goods. Using plastic covers is not advisable as they attract moisture in the long run.

In this way, you need to select the right packaging material for different goods based on their exterior and size.  

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