Monday, 21 October 2013

7 things to be recycled at home

In this world, where wastage has become a habit, recycling sure is like a breath of fresh air. We do not realize but many things that we use in our daily life can be recycled and used conveniently. Here is a list of such things. Read on.

1.       Old keys -  
      Old keys can be polished and melted to serve as jewelry such as studs, rings and so on. They can even be used as accessories in your daily life by fixing them up on your clothes to make them look funkier.

2.       Old jeans -  
      Old jeans can be made to serve as rags for kitchen work or rewoven to serve as handkerchiefs or napkins. You simply need scissors to tie your jeans apart and make a new piece of clothing to serve home purposes.

3.       Deodorant bottles of kids - 
      After your deodorant is over, simply clean the bottle properly with water in and out so that there is no trace of any sort of chemical. Then, open the lid and fill paints inside so that the bottle gives out a spray of paint. Young kids can use these paint sprays while learning to paint and draw.

4.       Newspapers -  
       Instead of giving away newspapers, you can use them for a variety of purposes such as for covering oil cans, for food packaging and also for cleaning of other devices. 

5.       Magazines -  
      Want to gift wrap a present for a special friend? Simply tear a colorful page from a magazine and gift wrap the present with that page instead of spending money in buying costly gift wraps.

6.       Used milk cartons -  
      Fill up water in used milk cartons and freeze them to make ice blocks for your coolers. Throw away oil and fat into used milk cartons and dispose them off instead of draining them in to sinks to avoid water clogging. 

7.       Lip balm packs -  
      Use old lip balm packs and fill them with foundation to use them while on the move. If your lip balm pack is bigger, that’s even better.

Avoid wastage and start recycling today!

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