Tuesday, 24 September 2013

2 Steps for a Successful Relocation

Want to sit back, loosen up, and be at absolute peace even if it means moving to a new place? It is not silly or ridiculous; it can be true if you follow two simple steps. One -you have to have professional movers and packers and two, a checklist. It is that simple! Ok, so, you know what a relocation company can do for you, but are slightly confused with a checklist? Well, a checklist can be of immense help. This blog will explain its benefits.

A checklist is a list of tasks, items, or names to be checked before the final day. This list helps to keep a track of everything. After all, who can remember everything under the sun? You can tick off the items that are covered and know exactly what all is pending. It is the best way to stay prepared and organised.

1. First thing on the list will be an insurance policy. You may have antiques, electronics, and other valuable items with you. They need to be insured to make sure they are working, safe and secure.

2. Make sure you have all your documents and credentials with you. These are extremely wherever you go. Also, these should be in a separate file and kept safely. These include banking documents, bills, driving license, etc.

3. Have your landline, internet, and other utility bills cleared.

4 . Cancel the milk and paper delivery. Moreover, gas and water bills are taken care of.

5 . If a pet is being moved, make certain that it has received its vaccinations and shots. Look for a pet carrier. If in case, your pet won’t move with you, find it a new home before the final move.

6. Rental homes or hotel reservations are a must. Get them confirmed a minimum of three days in advance and a day before you drop in.

7. Lastly, house keys are surrendered and doors and windows are locked.  

So, whether you are absent-minded, frenzied, or just busy and loaded with work a checklist will always be your best friend!

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