Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Back To School Tips for the Anxious Mothers

Look around you; do you see piles of books, random pieces of stationery accumulated everywhere? Yes! There are things on the floor, behind the couch and under the bed. Just thinking about getting all of this organized for your little ones before they are back in school can wear you out; organization is not as difficult a task as we make it sound. Quite honestly, if we were to do our bit every day it wouldn’t be the mess we see on the final day. Just imagine the sheer feeling of being able to find exactly the same thing you needed. Given below are a few handy tips that will very easily help you deal with the mess in your house:


Follow a schedule: Prepare a schedule and make sure you stick to it. A better practice would be to do so one to two weeks prior to the start of school. In this way, your child has adequate time to adjust to it and is comfortable too. In fact, you can put up a weekly routine and ask the family members to adhere to it. You could make it fun by rewarding your children thus encouraging them and making them responsible citizens.


Rome was not built in a day: You simply cannot work out things in a day. There are quite a lot of things to be sorted before your children head off to school. You have to ensure their backpacks are ready, their lunches are packed, shoes are polished, uniforms ironed, and the list is endless. If you have started everything in advance it will be convenient for you and your children.


Check their bags and other belongings: Before your little one is ready to get to school make certain that everything has been packed and kept in the place it should be. Many a times we tend to forget the little things that count the most. For instance, pens or pencils, necessary diaries and folders, and other vital stationery items.


Money: It is always advisable to give your child the necessary money he needs before he leaves the house. This way, you won’t have to fret if he happens to miss the school bus.










At the end of the day, the best tip to organisation would be getting rid of all the clutter in your house. Things that haven't or will not be used can either be given in charity or dumped. Keep it simple and it is sure to be clean. Good luck!

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