Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Toy storage bin – why is it a smart choice?

You may not even realize, but every day your kid may just go on accumulating toys and in no time your house will be in a mess. The best way to come out of the clutter is to buy a storage unit for them.  But considering that they are kids, it is way better to opt for toy storage bins. These toy storage bins come in a variety of colors that may not just appeal to your kids’ senses but provide an effective learning experience for your kids as well.  Here are a few advantages of toy storage bins for kids:

Kids will learn to organize things better - Storage units are generally used for storing furniture. But something as colorful and gentle as toys ought to be stored in better places such as toy storage bins. Advising children to store particular toys in their specific storage bins allows them to learn the art of organizing things properly.

Kids will learn to become more responsible - Let children organize and store their toys properly in the respective bins. In this way, they become responsible for their own toys. Inculcating such values right from the start is a great way to make them more committed towards life.

Kids can use it as a learning tool - Considering that toy storage bins arrive dipped in vibrant shades, they appear much more welcoming and attractive to kids. So before you even say it, your kids will be organizing the right kind of toys in the right bins.

Kids will not consider it as a dumping bin – Although you may, at times, consider the toy storage bins as a dumping ground, your kid is unlikely to think so. For him or her, it’s a part of their play and so they become really innovative and creative by using them.
  A toy storage bin is indeed a smart choice for your kids.     

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

5 tips to store your winter clothes

As the temperatures start soaring and the rays of the sun start hitting us hard, that’s the time you need to store your winter clothes safely. Seasons come and go in the blink of an eye, so it’s very important to store seasonal clothes in the right manner. Below mentioned tips will help you store winter clothes the right way.

1.Make sure your clothes are thoroughly clean before packaging -
It is very important that your clothes are dry and clean before you store them in any of your cabinets. Make sure that the clothes are free of moisture to avoid any problems when you use up the clothes next winter.

2.Store the winter clothes in a clean suitcase -
A clean suitcase is the perfect place to store your winter clothes as it’s dry and cool out there. While arranging the clothes, make sure the heaviest clothes are placed at the bottom and the lightest on top. In this way, there’ll be proper air circulation within the clothes to ensure maximum protection.

3.Check your stored clothing regularly -
Though you may be enjoying the summer heat in pools and other interesting places, keep a good check on your stored seasonal clothes as well. You can’t keep buying new stuff every time so it’s better to have a check on them regularly till the next winter arrives.

4.Do not hang sweaters -
It is always better to fold the clothing than hanging them around. If you wish, you can wrap the clothing in fabric. It would be better if you do not use plastic due to ventilation issues.

5.Store the clothes in a dark place -

It is better if you store your clothes in a dark place as it will be cool and dry out there. Storing clothes in places near any hot region will invite moisture into your clothes which will lead to infestation and mold growth.

Follow these simple tips for your winter clothes and enjoy the summer days to the fullest!

Monday, 21 October 2013

7 things to be recycled at home

In this world, where wastage has become a habit, recycling sure is like a breath of fresh air. We do not realize but many things that we use in our daily life can be recycled and used conveniently. Here is a list of such things. Read on.

1.       Old keys -  
      Old keys can be polished and melted to serve as jewelry such as studs, rings and so on. They can even be used as accessories in your daily life by fixing them up on your clothes to make them look funkier.

2.       Old jeans -  
      Old jeans can be made to serve as rags for kitchen work or rewoven to serve as handkerchiefs or napkins. You simply need scissors to tie your jeans apart and make a new piece of clothing to serve home purposes.

3.       Deodorant bottles of kids - 
      After your deodorant is over, simply clean the bottle properly with water in and out so that there is no trace of any sort of chemical. Then, open the lid and fill paints inside so that the bottle gives out a spray of paint. Young kids can use these paint sprays while learning to paint and draw.

4.       Newspapers -  
       Instead of giving away newspapers, you can use them for a variety of purposes such as for covering oil cans, for food packaging and also for cleaning of other devices. 

5.       Magazines -  
      Want to gift wrap a present for a special friend? Simply tear a colorful page from a magazine and gift wrap the present with that page instead of spending money in buying costly gift wraps.

6.       Used milk cartons -  
      Fill up water in used milk cartons and freeze them to make ice blocks for your coolers. Throw away oil and fat into used milk cartons and dispose them off instead of draining them in to sinks to avoid water clogging. 

7.       Lip balm packs -  
      Use old lip balm packs and fill them with foundation to use them while on the move. If your lip balm pack is bigger, that’s even better.

Avoid wastage and start recycling today!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

2 Steps for a Successful Relocation

Want to sit back, loosen up, and be at absolute peace even if it means moving to a new place? It is not silly or ridiculous; it can be true if you follow two simple steps. One -you have to have professional movers and packers and two, a checklist. It is that simple! Ok, so, you know what a relocation company can do for you, but are slightly confused with a checklist? Well, a checklist can be of immense help. This blog will explain its benefits.

A checklist is a list of tasks, items, or names to be checked before the final day. This list helps to keep a track of everything. After all, who can remember everything under the sun? You can tick off the items that are covered and know exactly what all is pending. It is the best way to stay prepared and organised.

1. First thing on the list will be an insurance policy. You may have antiques, electronics, and other valuable items with you. They need to be insured to make sure they are working, safe and secure.

2. Make sure you have all your documents and credentials with you. These are extremely wherever you go. Also, these should be in a separate file and kept safely. These include banking documents, bills, driving license, etc.

3. Have your landline, internet, and other utility bills cleared.

4 . Cancel the milk and paper delivery. Moreover, gas and water bills are taken care of.

5 . If a pet is being moved, make certain that it has received its vaccinations and shots. Look for a pet carrier. If in case, your pet won’t move with you, find it a new home before the final move.

6. Rental homes or hotel reservations are a must. Get them confirmed a minimum of three days in advance and a day before you drop in.

7. Lastly, house keys are surrendered and doors and windows are locked.  

So, whether you are absent-minded, frenzied, or just busy and loaded with work a checklist will always be your best friend!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

4 Musts before Renting a Storage Unit

Renting a storage unit? Given below are top 4 things you should follow at all times to make your experience a satisfying one:

1.   All storage facilities are not the same:
You will never come across units that offer the exact services at the same prices. The services will vary depending upon the security measures, hygiene and sanitation, climate-control, customer service, availability of space, transportation services, and packing materials. Thus, you will have to choose the one that suits your needs and requirements the best.

2.   Do not sign up with a storage company just because it is the cheapest: 
Get the quotes from a minimum of three companies to make sure you are getting the right deal. Don’t go for something just because it is cheaper. Some facilities may sign you on a lower rate only to raise the rent sometime later. Get your pros and cons sorted before you make up your mind to rent. Ask the managers and supervisors all your doubts so that you know exactly what you are getting into.

3.   A climate-controlled storage for the mysterious weather of Kuwait:
The constant changes in temperature and humidity are the main reason when it comes to spoilt goods like antiques, paintings, wooden furniture, fabrics, etc. Thus, it would be better if you could protect your items from the extreme temperature changes that are rampant in Kuwait. As a result, you have the option of choosing air conditioned storages or go for warm ones depending upon your needs and requirements.

4. Does the storage company offer insurance?
Storage facilities may or may not provide you with insurance. If you are thinking of storing valuables, it will be a better idea to insure the goods just in case your goods get damaged. You could ask your agent to do so, or you could pay an additional amount to the managers of the unit to get them covered.