Thursday, 6 September 2012

Personal Storage Service saves the day during Home Makeovers

The DIY spirit is flowing strong, and there’s some spare cash floating around. Yep, that’s two of the main elements responsible for most home makeover projects. Then again, it is this same enthusiasm that, when left without direction, turns into an unmanageable monster of epic proportions. Prime suspects for such a situation to arise are most likely to include:

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Jump in and do everything all at once: So, the single minded career growth path has led to a few missing roof tiles, some leaking walls and creaky flooring. The plumbing floods at every flush and it’s all a ruddy mess everywhere. Yes, things are bad, but the worse thing that people do at times like these is to jump in, all guns blazing, trying to tackle everything at the same time. Costing, tooling, professional assistance, time needed – all estimates go for a toss. End result? Increased frustration, besides the fact that the problems continue to remain unsolved! Smart thing to do in such a scenario would be to gauge the gravity of the situation and tackle the problems one at a time. It could mean taking the one room at a time approach or even the one problem at a time. Whatever the decision, seek the services of trained professionals who are more likely to be doing this, day in and day out. There would be quite a few warehousing units that’d be happy to rent space out for you to store belongings while the repairs are being carried out.

Taking the law for granted: What are a few inches less for the column being re-done or the wall being of a material that it was not originally designed for? Right? WRONG! Building planning laws have been drafted in by the authorities to provide a safe living environment for the inhabitants of a dwelling as well as for those living in the vicinity. Unplanned changes that disregard the rules are more often than not, likely to result in punitive action or worse.

Disregarding safety: Home makeovers are a specialized domain. There are various people involved, each with their own special training and the tooling necessary for the job. Hiring non-registered personnel or taking the DIY route for a particularly complex task may not only lead to expensive repairs but also at times, endanger lives.

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Thankfully, there are enough places that offer their expertise for home makeovers. The ideal thing to do would be to contract the work out to them. But, as you do so, do also seek the help of personal storage services that are likely to be on offer at the storage company in the neighbourhood. This will ensure that the belongings are kept safe and secure, as the home is brought back to its original glory, as intended.

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