Friday, 11 May 2012

Storage Boxes and Sustainable Living - the Cardboard Connection

The innocuous looking storage box seemed forever destined to play out its life, from the shadows, letting all the other players to shine through in the eyes of the beholder. Not too many would find fault with that either. After all, a storage box is a storage box. Made out of cardboard, it is usually wearing a shade of brown that would never warm the shackles of anyone, corrugated or otherwise. Never mind that the humble storage box happens to play a pivotal role in almost every home. In-fact, every packer and mover worth their salt would swear by this brown-thing. Yet, the boxes are more often than not, abandoned and discarded, meeting their death at the nearest recycling facility.

Fortunately, the humble storage box does have a lot to offer and a few good men have gone beyond the plain brown surface, delving deeper to get that hidden potential to shine through.

It was in the late sixties that Frank Gehry the renowned architect who was inspired by the unique properties of cardboard to create a line of furniture that was every bit functional even as it took the visual appeal of the raw material to never before levels. It was cheap, easily available and its recyclability meant that even the green brigade was won over by the attributes of this brown thing. Modern treatments and finishes have taken cardboard furniture and articles to giddy heights. People who find themselves moving from one rental home to another could find this extremely handy. The furniture is lightweight: thus it can be carried and moved around quite easily. Assembly and disassembly too is quite simple; furniture made from cardboard can be broken down into its individual components and transported easily as well.

Besides, furniture made from cardboard is cheaper in comparison to some of the other commercially available options. This makes it an attractive proposition for students, young couples and others who are on a tight budget. Alternatively, furniture made from cardboard also holds special appeal for those who believe in living an environmentally considerate lifestyle that puts minimal impact on natural resources.

Repairs too are rather simple, unlike for furniture that is made from conventional materials. Instead of heavy duty tools and loads of expertise, all that one needs are a few basic tools and some strong glue. And on the eventuality that the said piece of furniture is damaged beyond repair, it can simply be replaced. The relatively lower cost of such furniture softens the blow on both, the wallet as well of the conscience.

So yes, the next time you come across the humble, cardboard storage box, smile. For it is a fabulous example of a gem that is waiting to be discovered , worthy only for those who are willing to go beyond its looks and recognize it for the exceptional value that it adds to human life!

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