Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Top Care tips for those who Need to put their favorite set of Wheels inVehicle Storage

The days are long gone where one merely left their vehicle in the driveway as they took off on a long trip out of town. These days, not only have the cars become expensive but there are better solutions available that’ll help preserve your vehicle as it were when you left it. One of the best places to go to when looking for a parking spot for your car would be local movers in the vicinity. Most of them also tend to have empty parking lots where you can leave your vehicle while you vacation in peace. But before you go park at the nearest vehicle storage facility, here are some care tips to help preserve your wheels better.

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Tip #1 Going Under Cover:
No matter how spic and span the parking facilities may be, it is a wise choice to invest in a good garage cover for your car. Quality covers help protect the paint from the harsh effects of the sun, prevent bird-droppings and other contaminants from affecting the paint surface and also reduce the chances of micro-scratches from appearing on the paint surface. These days, vehicle specific covers are easily available and one can choose the softest, yet rugged ones in their budget.

Tip #2 Wash Up:
Most people would at first be stumped at this tip. If the vehicle is indeed going into storage, why it would need to be washed up, they’d ask. A simple peek into and around the car would do such doubting Thomases a world of good. Every vehicle collects its own share of dirt and grime during regular usage. This, if left behind in a car that’s going to remain stationary for a long time, is likely to react with the elements and rot. Such rotting might severely corrode the metal work of the vehicle, thereby leading to increased repair bills at a latter point in time.

Tip #3 Fluid Swaps:
The fluids in a stationary vehicle tend to lose their effectiveness after having left undisturbed for longer time periods. It therefore makes sense to swap the existing fluids out (e.g. brake, transmission, engine oils, coolant, etc.) if the vehicle is going to be kept in long term storage.

Tip #4 Juice Up:
The alternator in a vehicle is the one responsible for keeping the battery in top shape. However, as it only functions when the vehicle is in operation, the battery is likely to run down if the vehicle is kept idle. And everyone knows that a dead battery means that the car is most likely going to be a no-go. Charging up the battery to the fullest extent is a good way to reduce the chances of this happening. If the storage duration is exceptionally long, then a trickle charger that’s plugged into the wall mounted electrical unit might have to be called into action.

Tip #5 Jack ‘em Up:
Tires are notorious for developing flat-spots when a vehicle is left stationary for long, as is likely to happen when in long term storage. Putting the vehicle up on jacks such that the weight of the vehicle is off its tires is a good way to prevent this from happening. Do ensure that the jacks come rated for the vehicle as it might be disastrous if they were to buckle under pressure.

That should cover the basics of putting your vehicle into storage. Always do refer to the manual that came with your vehicle for specific care tips or you can approach your regular, company repair station for advanced guidance. Good Luck!

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