Thursday, 15 March 2012

The right way to label your storage boxes used for house removals in Kuwait

Storage boxes, those plain vanilla brown ones are an innocuous lot. They exist in plain sight, yet are considered to be a too basic a commodity to warrant much attention. Although, we’re still not convinced by someone’s bright idea to go in for colored storage boxes that reflect the whole spectrum of a rainbow. If you are the conventional type and find yourself a little lost when identifying your curios boxes from your kitchen accessories boxes, you are not alone. This is why; we’ve got you some great labeling ideas that’ll turn you into a storage champion.

Some people think that they can take on a roomful of boxes to segregate and label in one afternoon. Big mistake! To avoid the stress of such an exercise, not to mention avoiding the risk of miss-labeling items and losing track of them, its best to tackle them room by room. This makes it easier when un-boxing stuff in once the move into your new place is complete.

Illegible writing is becoming rare, even on medical prescriptions. It helps to label your boxes in an easy to understand manner. Labels with a white background usually stand out on the brown cartons and wide tipped color markers do improve your chances of identifying box contents easily.

Establishing a system that groups boxes according to the type of articles stored in them would be very beneficial here. For example a box containing kitchen spices could be labeled as: KIT/Spice Kit

The placement of the labels too is rather important for they are only useful when visible. This is why; the top and bottom sides must be avoided. Descriptions labels are best stuck along the length of the boxes. This leaves the remaining two sides for special instructions like those used while labeling boxes that hold delicate or fragile items.

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