Friday, 16 March 2012

5 Tips to make the right storage choices

The storage industry in Kuwait is quite a vibrant one. Someone looking to rent a storage unit is bound to get confused, with all the choices on offer. Self storage providers are always vying with each other to garner the maximum share of the business. This leads to a lot of claims and counter-claims being made as they try to out-do one another. To help cut through the confusion, here are some tips to help you make the right storage choices:

  1. Whether it is a product or a service, success only comes when it enjoys a positive reputation in the market. So ask around for prior customers of the storage provider that you wish to deal with. This will give you a fair idea about their policies and the whole storage experience

  2.  While recommendations are good, it does pay to personally go and visit a potential facility. This way, one can verify the claims that were made and also see for yourself if it suits your particular needs

  3. Safety is of prime concern when putting articles in storage. Quality service providers will be well equipped with the latest security measures. Check for CCTV cameras, access control logs, physical security details around the facility, at regular intervals, etc. are some of the must have features

  4. It is of no use if you get a great deal on your storage unit, but are unable to access it when you need to. Check beforehand for their customer timings so that you can access your unit at YOUR convenience, not theirs!

  5. The facilities may have impressed you, but accept nothing at face-value. When you sign the contract, make sure you know exactly what you are signing for. Clarify each point, if you don’t understand something. This way, both you, as well as the service provider can avoid unsavory alterations later

One such service provider, who’s been at the forefront of customer-friendly storage facilities and policies, is Storage Kuwait. Known for their customized storage solutions for both, the personal storage customer as well those with more commercial needs, this progressive storage company has created a strong identity for itself in the industry. A detailed overview of their offerings is available on their website:

Storage helps preserve those priceless childhood memories

Childhood is such a wonderful thing. Everything in the world is new and exciting. The sheer variety of toys that a child could have can put many an adult and their gadget collection to shame. Childhood memories make up for some of the best memories that one can have in their life. But one cannot have all the space they would need to store the toys from their childhood days. Everyone remembers that life-size teddy bear they had, or their collection of soft-toys, action-figures and other such toys that hark back to the fun times in life.

Storage Kuwait is a progressive storage company that believes in giving people a chance to preserve their priceless childhood memories. Its self storage facility is fully equipped to handle the special needs of those looking to store their toy collection with them. It offers self storage units in multiple sizes that are available for rent as per the requirements of those renting them.

Its customized storage solutions are extremely well suited to the special requirements that crop up when storing childhood toys. Such toys, by virtue of their age, usually tend to be quite fragile and delicate. Fabrics and plastic/metal parts alike are susceptible to irrecoverable damage, if left exposed to the harsh elements that are part of the Kuwaiti climate. To help counter the harmful climatic elements, Storage Kuwait, offers special climate controlled storage units that are ideal for storing such toys.

Both, the temperature as well as the humidity levels are maintained at optimum levels to help preserve these priceless references to one’s past in prime condition. Besides accepting toys for storage, the company also offers many other storage solutions. It has a dedicated vehicle storage solution that offers storage space for: car storage, bike storage, Jet Ski storage, quad storage and boat storage, etc.

To discover some of the other features and facilities at this innovative storage company, simply visit:

Thursday, 15 March 2012

The right way to label your storage boxes used for house removals in Kuwait

Storage boxes, those plain vanilla brown ones are an innocuous lot. They exist in plain sight, yet are considered to be a too basic a commodity to warrant much attention. Although, we’re still not convinced by someone’s bright idea to go in for colored storage boxes that reflect the whole spectrum of a rainbow. If you are the conventional type and find yourself a little lost when identifying your curios boxes from your kitchen accessories boxes, you are not alone. This is why; we’ve got you some great labeling ideas that’ll turn you into a storage champion.

Some people think that they can take on a roomful of boxes to segregate and label in one afternoon. Big mistake! To avoid the stress of such an exercise, not to mention avoiding the risk of miss-labeling items and losing track of them, its best to tackle them room by room. This makes it easier when un-boxing stuff in once the move into your new place is complete.

Illegible writing is becoming rare, even on medical prescriptions. It helps to label your boxes in an easy to understand manner. Labels with a white background usually stand out on the brown cartons and wide tipped color markers do improve your chances of identifying box contents easily.

Establishing a system that groups boxes according to the type of articles stored in them would be very beneficial here. For example a box containing kitchen spices could be labeled as: KIT/Spice Kit

The placement of the labels too is rather important for they are only useful when visible. This is why; the top and bottom sides must be avoided. Descriptions labels are best stuck along the length of the boxes. This leaves the remaining two sides for special instructions like those used while labeling boxes that hold delicate or fragile items.

One of the best places to go to for storage boxes would be the Box Shop. It is an online storage materials shop operated by Storage Kuwait, one of the leading removal solutions and house moving services provider in Kuwait. Besides storage boxes, one can also find a wide range of other packing materials like bubble wrap, tape, etc. Visit today to discover the entire range at: