Saturday, 1 December 2012

A Hassle-free Move with Movers and Packers

If you have moved out before, you are well-aware of the fact that shifting with stuff is not as simple as it looks like. Time, money, energy, and effort, everything is put to task when moving. It is a time-consuming process which only professionals can execute with absolute precision. These are exactly the times when you need movers and packers to step in. They take care of the packing, loading, as well as unloading making things a lot easier and smoother than you thought. Almost all of these cover local transportation together with qualified man power services for a relaxed pick up and drop off. Hiring professional relocation services comes with various benefits and are all just a click away.

They ensure that the entire procedure is done safely and the goods are secure. This is done by providing good quality packaging material and sturdy carton boxes. They provide professional services so that you are at ease. They cater to all your needs and requirements from corporate relocation to household removals. They will take care of household belongings, industrial commodities, as well as assist you with vehicle storage to your new location. If needed, some moving companies also provide the option of storage facilities. These facilities help in case you would like to store your valuables while you are on the move. They can be for long-term or for short-term purposes as per your needs and preferences.

You can trust them at all times because their primary focus revolves around the needs and requirements of the customer. Professional relocation companies at all times integrate a bunch of highly trained and certified people who have the appropriate tools and packaging materials. In addition to the above there are some services in Kuwait that provide their customers with consignment services, logistical services, custom clearances, insurance coverage services, and a lot more at cost-effective rates.

The best thing about the movers and packers is that they do all this without giving you a moment’s trouble. Now, who says moving out is a taxing job when moving companies are around?

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Stuff Your Moving Company Won’t Tell You To Do

When a new job or a better opportunity comes you’re expected to move to another city. Moving out to another place is a daunting task, but when you hire professional movers and packers vacating your apartment becomes easy. They help you in everything from the packing, labelling to the unpacking. However, it is the before and after formalities that take a lot of time and effort which no movers and packers can help with. This blog will give you an insight of what all needs to be done while you are moving out from your apartment:-

Packing: Moving services can help you with the packing, but, unless you don’t tell them what has to go where, they will pack the stuff they feel fits well. You can do the packing by first dividing your belongings into two or three groups based on your convenience. You can segregate it by separating the fragile items from the heavy equipment and tools and the other one can be your miscellaneous stuff that you need. The items that you don’t require can always be sold or donated afterwards.

Verify your lease: Before you leave your old home to stay in a new one make sure you verify and confirm your lease agreement from the first page. Read through all the clauses, you may have forgotten some, this will only help you to avoid matters later on.

Complete the paperwork:  Have you informed the landlord? The removal company’s job is to help you pack stuff; they won’t be the one’s giving you such reminders. The lease agreement you sign before you move in, involves a notice period before you leave the apartment. With this, you could also remind the landlord about the deposit amount that has to be refunded. When you complete the formalities you will find yourself stress-free. Moreover, you won’t have to come back again to finish them.

Follow the above steps and choose the right moving company it will help make your move a lot happier and easier!

Friday, 5 October 2012

Useful Tips on Choosing the Right Storage Facilities in Kuwait

With the phenomenal rise in population, limited residential and storage spaces have become major issues for mankind. People are finding it difficult to store their belongings and safeguard them. Nevertheless, nuclear families have become a trend, and homes have become smaller in terms of space, especially, the rented homes. Homes along with businesses have started to consider it an essential requirement to have a suitable and an organised storage. So, what steps do you take to make sure you have chosen the right warehouse storage in Kuwait? Read on to find out.

Step One - Research Your first and foremost step in choosing the right provider is to do some research. This in return will help you in finding out an experienced and reputable provider. This aids in narrowing down your list of potential storage facilities solutions. You will be able to know their management skills, facilities they offer, various plans and schemes they have, etc.


Step Two - Visit: When you have finalised the storage provider you wish to use do not be in a haste to sign up immediately. Make sure you go to check the place as well. This will help you have a clearer idea of the things you read about earlier, and know about its space and the facilities they offer. For instance, if you do not want to store a large number of goods, but simply store the ones that are climate sensitive etc., and they listed just such a service on their site.


Step Three - Facilities: The facilities a warehouse needs to provide in terms of safety and security of goods is fire protection, 24 hours access, surveillance cameras and climate control.


Step Four - Security: You will not have to worry about the security and safety of your stored belongings in the warehouse storage facilities. However, it is best to know if they offer you insurance for natural calamities, and whether they have the flexibility in their policies depending upon your needs and requirements.


To summarise, the basic task of storage facilities is to help you in preventing the apartment and offices from getting cluttered, yet being safe. Keep these pointers in mind, and be careful in choosing a company by ascertaining whether it meets your needs and requirements.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Personal Storage Service saves the day during Home Makeovers

The DIY spirit is flowing strong, and there’s some spare cash floating around. Yep, that’s two of the main elements responsible for most home makeover projects. Then again, it is this same enthusiasm that, when left without direction, turns into an unmanageable monster of epic proportions. Prime suspects for such a situation to arise are most likely to include:

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Jump in and do everything all at once: So, the single minded career growth path has led to a few missing roof tiles, some leaking walls and creaky flooring. The plumbing floods at every flush and it’s all a ruddy mess everywhere. Yes, things are bad, but the worse thing that people do at times like these is to jump in, all guns blazing, trying to tackle everything at the same time. Costing, tooling, professional assistance, time needed – all estimates go for a toss. End result? Increased frustration, besides the fact that the problems continue to remain unsolved! Smart thing to do in such a scenario would be to gauge the gravity of the situation and tackle the problems one at a time. It could mean taking the one room at a time approach or even the one problem at a time. Whatever the decision, seek the services of trained professionals who are more likely to be doing this, day in and day out. There would be quite a few warehousing units that’d be happy to rent space out for you to store belongings while the repairs are being carried out.

Taking the law for granted: What are a few inches less for the column being re-done or the wall being of a material that it was not originally designed for? Right? WRONG! Building planning laws have been drafted in by the authorities to provide a safe living environment for the inhabitants of a dwelling as well as for those living in the vicinity. Unplanned changes that disregard the rules are more often than not, likely to result in punitive action or worse.

Disregarding safety: Home makeovers are a specialized domain. There are various people involved, each with their own special training and the tooling necessary for the job. Hiring non-registered personnel or taking the DIY route for a particularly complex task may not only lead to expensive repairs but also at times, endanger lives.

warehousing units, warehouse storage, personal storage company in kuwait

Thankfully, there are enough places that offer their expertise for home makeovers. The ideal thing to do would be to contract the work out to them. But, as you do so, do also seek the help of personal storage services that are likely to be on offer at the storage company in the neighbourhood. This will ensure that the belongings are kept safe and secure, as the home is brought back to its original glory, as intended.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Great Reasons on choosing a Moving Services Provider for International Relocations

Moving is a reality for quite a few professionals and families out there. Changes in living conditions, financial motives, better educational and professional opportunities for the family are but a few of the reasons for this. Moving companies are not complaining though. They are happily ramping up operations to meet the growing demand for their services and solutions. Whatever be the reason, it all boils down to the beneficiary effects of a move that must be the ultimate deciding factor. This move could be to a new neighbourhood, suburb, or state even.

But perhaps, the one that proves to evoke the most apprehension and anxiety when one has to undergo an international relocation. There are just a large multitude of aspects that contribute to this. A loss of identity, feelings of being uprooted, the risk of maladjustment in the new place, facing the dread of non-acceptance by the locals out there, etc. are just some of these.

Strong reasons then to discover ways in which the stress can be alleviated and a great way to achieve this is by opting for removal and storage services. Making sure that the service that is chosen is professionally managed, goes a long way in making the transition, a happier one.

There are some that continue to question the benefits, but these are soon silenced. For, it is far too easy to have someone who is capable of handling any logistical and legal eventuality that could happen, especially in the case of a move overseas. Thus, always check and verify the claims of relocation companies, before you narrow down on a preferred one.

Relocation companies in kuwait, moving companies in kuwaitCarry out thorough background checks. Ask for references of prior customers who have availed of their services. Such a move should give a clear picture from the end-user perspective. Additionally, it does make sense to inquire on community forums for clarification of doubts, as there may be a wider net of people who may have experienced the services (in a direct or indirect manner).

Do bear in mind that the accompanying paperwork should be complete in each and every aspect. Check, double-check and then check some more. This is due to the legal implications and the risk of being stranded overseas. Insist upon a comprehensive insurance cover that should protect you in the case of unfortunate eventualities.

All in all, choose wisely and good luck for an exciting and fresh start in life.

Friday, 6 July 2012

How to avoid being cheated by an unscrupulous Moving Company

The number of people relocating their home or office from one place to another has been on the rise with each passing year. The growing demand has seen the mushrooming of packers and movers services in every region. Sadly, this has also lead to an exponential rise in reports of people being cheated by dishonest players who are keen on making a quick buck in the short term. Given the digital proliferation, almost anyone can put up a glitzy show front website that serves to attract unsuspecting customers. Once the money has been deposited, the service delivery goes for a toss. Worse still is the situation where a dishonest, fly-by-night operator disappears with both, the money as well as the goods that were entrusted for the move.

Thankfully, there are several ways to avoid being cheated by a rogue moving company. Those planning a home or office move, now or anytime in the future would do well to follow the below mentioned suggestions:

Reputation: Building a name for oneself takes quite a bit of effort and years of consistent service. Choose a service provider who has been in the business for a good number of years.

Recommendation: When evaluating a mover, ask around. Friends, relatives, colleagues, everyone who has had a first hand experience with the company under consideration would be helpful. One can even get onto specialist forums online where one is sure to find professional advice from prior customers.

Get an estimate: Most moves also involve packing and other assistance. The costs of these are often difficult to estimate without a personal visit. Quality moving companies will always be willing to provide a quote at your door step.

Fallacy of low costs: One often gets what they pay for. Going with the operator who appears to be undercutting the industry average might prove to be a dangerous end game. Quality does not come cheap and service providers will charge for the level of assistance they provide.

The agent trap: Moving companies tend to appoint a network of agents where one can come and book their services. Occasionally, it may happen that an agent may not be the true representative of the service provider. If any dispute were to arise, then the service provider may refuse to intervene in the matter. To avoid such incidents always double check the credentials when booking through a third party.

Read the Fine Print: Always go through a contract with a fine toothed comb prior to signing away on it. Every charge and service must be clearly mentioned and explained sufficiently. Don’t hesitate to ask for clarifications and make sure that they are in writing. Verbal assurances are likely to be dishonoured during a dispute for want of any concrete evidence of the same.

There are plenty of storage facilities and service providers. In the end, what matters is that one chooses a reliable, reputed operator who will deliver on all counts.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The idiot-proof guide to packing, moving and storage

A house or office move can perhaps be rated as one of the most stressful times for anyone. There are tons of things to look out for and sooner or later it does have one feeling overwhelmed. The secret lies in knowing that one is not alone in this. Even the most seasoned veterans of the pack up shop and move game acknowledge feeling this way at some point of time or the other. Some recommend giving their DIY spirits a rest and seeking out the help of professional packers and movers, who have the expertise and training necessary for the job.

Considering that not everyone has easy access to specially trained help, we’ve decided to go ahead and compile an idiot-proof guide to packing, moving and storage. Mind you that this guide is to be used more as a reference, rather than a replacement for professional help.

Start with assembling your packing arsenal. Arm yourself with essential items such as:

  • Boxes in the commonly used sizes

  • Brightly coloured markers

  • Identification labels

  • A pair of scissors

  • A couple of rolls of packing tape

  • A stack of old newspapers

  • Tissue papers

  • A nice thick roll of bubble wrap

  • A sturdy tape measure

Packing boxes are commonly found in single walled and double walled construction types. While the former may be cheaper, the double walled boxes are significantly sturdier. They are therefore preferred over the single walled counterparts as they tend to withstand the stresses of a home or office move better. Mirrors, clothing etc. can be packed in their own specialized boxes that are designed to keep them safe from damage during transit.

Similarly, electronic equipment such as audio-video accessories, consumer durables etc. all are best packed in their original boxing. Do remember to tape the screws and assorted accompaniments on the inside of the boxing to prevent them from disappearing during the move.

Labelling goes a long way in minimizing the hassles of a move. Brightly coloured labelling, when used in an effective manner provides at-a-glance identification as to the contents of a particular box. Besides the contents of the box, labels must also feature information such as if the contents are fragile by nature, the location of where the contents were originally packed from and the packing/unloading sequence.


Bubble wrap is said to be a packer’s best friend for the cushioning powers it possesses. Besides it however, thick towels, newspapers, bed sheets, curtains, etc. can also be used to soften the blows during transit. Do remember to be careful with newsprint though, as it is prone to suffer from ink transfers that can damage the article it is supposed to be protecting in the first place.

One of the techniques that come highly recommended by veterans is the practice of packing room by room. This way, one minimizes the risk of missing out valuable items, packs efficiently and injects a certain degree of order that goes a long way when unpacking at the new location.

Now, some may argue that having hired the services of a professional removals and relocation company, they really shouldn’t need any such guide. While this may be true to a certain extent, it still is your stuff that being handled in the end. And who better to know about their belongings than the owners themselves.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Storage Boxes and Sustainable Living - the Cardboard Connection

The innocuous looking storage box seemed forever destined to play out its life, from the shadows, letting all the other players to shine through in the eyes of the beholder. Not too many would find fault with that either. After all, a storage box is a storage box. Made out of cardboard, it is usually wearing a shade of brown that would never warm the shackles of anyone, corrugated or otherwise. Never mind that the humble storage box happens to play a pivotal role in almost every home. In-fact, every packer and mover worth their salt would swear by this brown-thing. Yet, the boxes are more often than not, abandoned and discarded, meeting their death at the nearest recycling facility.

Fortunately, the humble storage box does have a lot to offer and a few good men have gone beyond the plain brown surface, delving deeper to get that hidden potential to shine through.

It was in the late sixties that Frank Gehry the renowned architect who was inspired by the unique properties of cardboard to create a line of furniture that was every bit functional even as it took the visual appeal of the raw material to never before levels. It was cheap, easily available and its recyclability meant that even the green brigade was won over by the attributes of this brown thing. Modern treatments and finishes have taken cardboard furniture and articles to giddy heights. People who find themselves moving from one rental home to another could find this extremely handy. The furniture is lightweight: thus it can be carried and moved around quite easily. Assembly and disassembly too is quite simple; furniture made from cardboard can be broken down into its individual components and transported easily as well.

Besides, furniture made from cardboard is cheaper in comparison to some of the other commercially available options. This makes it an attractive proposition for students, young couples and others who are on a tight budget. Alternatively, furniture made from cardboard also holds special appeal for those who believe in living an environmentally considerate lifestyle that puts minimal impact on natural resources.

Repairs too are rather simple, unlike for furniture that is made from conventional materials. Instead of heavy duty tools and loads of expertise, all that one needs are a few basic tools and some strong glue. And on the eventuality that the said piece of furniture is damaged beyond repair, it can simply be replaced. The relatively lower cost of such furniture softens the blow on both, the wallet as well of the conscience.

So yes, the next time you come across the humble, cardboard storage box, smile. For it is a fabulous example of a gem that is waiting to be discovered , worthy only for those who are willing to go beyond its looks and recognize it for the exceptional value that it adds to human life!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Top Care tips for those who Need to put their favorite set of Wheels inVehicle Storage

The days are long gone where one merely left their vehicle in the driveway as they took off on a long trip out of town. These days, not only have the cars become expensive but there are better solutions available that’ll help preserve your vehicle as it were when you left it. One of the best places to go to when looking for a parking spot for your car would be local movers in the vicinity. Most of them also tend to have empty parking lots where you can leave your vehicle while you vacation in peace. But before you go park at the nearest vehicle storage facility, here are some care tips to help preserve your wheels better.

packers and movers kuwait

Tip #1 Going Under Cover:
No matter how spic and span the parking facilities may be, it is a wise choice to invest in a good garage cover for your car. Quality covers help protect the paint from the harsh effects of the sun, prevent bird-droppings and other contaminants from affecting the paint surface and also reduce the chances of micro-scratches from appearing on the paint surface. These days, vehicle specific covers are easily available and one can choose the softest, yet rugged ones in their budget.

Tip #2 Wash Up:
Most people would at first be stumped at this tip. If the vehicle is indeed going into storage, why it would need to be washed up, they’d ask. A simple peek into and around the car would do such doubting Thomases a world of good. Every vehicle collects its own share of dirt and grime during regular usage. This, if left behind in a car that’s going to remain stationary for a long time, is likely to react with the elements and rot. Such rotting might severely corrode the metal work of the vehicle, thereby leading to increased repair bills at a latter point in time.

Tip #3 Fluid Swaps:
The fluids in a stationary vehicle tend to lose their effectiveness after having left undisturbed for longer time periods. It therefore makes sense to swap the existing fluids out (e.g. brake, transmission, engine oils, coolant, etc.) if the vehicle is going to be kept in long term storage.

Tip #4 Juice Up:
The alternator in a vehicle is the one responsible for keeping the battery in top shape. However, as it only functions when the vehicle is in operation, the battery is likely to run down if the vehicle is kept idle. And everyone knows that a dead battery means that the car is most likely going to be a no-go. Charging up the battery to the fullest extent is a good way to reduce the chances of this happening. If the storage duration is exceptionally long, then a trickle charger that’s plugged into the wall mounted electrical unit might have to be called into action.

Tip #5 Jack ‘em Up:
Tires are notorious for developing flat-spots when a vehicle is left stationary for long, as is likely to happen when in long term storage. Putting the vehicle up on jacks such that the weight of the vehicle is off its tires is a good way to prevent this from happening. Do ensure that the jacks come rated for the vehicle as it might be disastrous if they were to buckle under pressure.

That should cover the basics of putting your vehicle into storage. Always do refer to the manual that came with your vehicle for specific care tips or you can approach your regular, company repair station for advanced guidance. Good Luck!

Friday, 16 March 2012

5 Tips to make the right storage choices

The storage industry in Kuwait is quite a vibrant one. Someone looking to rent a storage unit is bound to get confused, with all the choices on offer. Self storage providers are always vying with each other to garner the maximum share of the business. This leads to a lot of claims and counter-claims being made as they try to out-do one another. To help cut through the confusion, here are some tips to help you make the right storage choices:

  1. Whether it is a product or a service, success only comes when it enjoys a positive reputation in the market. So ask around for prior customers of the storage provider that you wish to deal with. This will give you a fair idea about their policies and the whole storage experience

  2.  While recommendations are good, it does pay to personally go and visit a potential facility. This way, one can verify the claims that were made and also see for yourself if it suits your particular needs

  3. Safety is of prime concern when putting articles in storage. Quality service providers will be well equipped with the latest security measures. Check for CCTV cameras, access control logs, physical security details around the facility, at regular intervals, etc. are some of the must have features

  4. It is of no use if you get a great deal on your storage unit, but are unable to access it when you need to. Check beforehand for their customer timings so that you can access your unit at YOUR convenience, not theirs!

  5. The facilities may have impressed you, but accept nothing at face-value. When you sign the contract, make sure you know exactly what you are signing for. Clarify each point, if you don’t understand something. This way, both you, as well as the service provider can avoid unsavory alterations later

One such service provider, who’s been at the forefront of customer-friendly storage facilities and policies, is Storage Kuwait. Known for their customized storage solutions for both, the personal storage customer as well those with more commercial needs, this progressive storage company has created a strong identity for itself in the industry. A detailed overview of their offerings is available on their website:

Storage helps preserve those priceless childhood memories

Childhood is such a wonderful thing. Everything in the world is new and exciting. The sheer variety of toys that a child could have can put many an adult and their gadget collection to shame. Childhood memories make up for some of the best memories that one can have in their life. But one cannot have all the space they would need to store the toys from their childhood days. Everyone remembers that life-size teddy bear they had, or their collection of soft-toys, action-figures and other such toys that hark back to the fun times in life.

Storage Kuwait is a progressive storage company that believes in giving people a chance to preserve their priceless childhood memories. Its self storage facility is fully equipped to handle the special needs of those looking to store their toy collection with them. It offers self storage units in multiple sizes that are available for rent as per the requirements of those renting them.

Its customized storage solutions are extremely well suited to the special requirements that crop up when storing childhood toys. Such toys, by virtue of their age, usually tend to be quite fragile and delicate. Fabrics and plastic/metal parts alike are susceptible to irrecoverable damage, if left exposed to the harsh elements that are part of the Kuwaiti climate. To help counter the harmful climatic elements, Storage Kuwait, offers special climate controlled storage units that are ideal for storing such toys.

Both, the temperature as well as the humidity levels are maintained at optimum levels to help preserve these priceless references to one’s past in prime condition. Besides accepting toys for storage, the company also offers many other storage solutions. It has a dedicated vehicle storage solution that offers storage space for: car storage, bike storage, Jet Ski storage, quad storage and boat storage, etc.

To discover some of the other features and facilities at this innovative storage company, simply visit:

Thursday, 15 March 2012

The right way to label your storage boxes used for house removals in Kuwait

Storage boxes, those plain vanilla brown ones are an innocuous lot. They exist in plain sight, yet are considered to be a too basic a commodity to warrant much attention. Although, we’re still not convinced by someone’s bright idea to go in for colored storage boxes that reflect the whole spectrum of a rainbow. If you are the conventional type and find yourself a little lost when identifying your curios boxes from your kitchen accessories boxes, you are not alone. This is why; we’ve got you some great labeling ideas that’ll turn you into a storage champion.

Some people think that they can take on a roomful of boxes to segregate and label in one afternoon. Big mistake! To avoid the stress of such an exercise, not to mention avoiding the risk of miss-labeling items and losing track of them, its best to tackle them room by room. This makes it easier when un-boxing stuff in once the move into your new place is complete.

Illegible writing is becoming rare, even on medical prescriptions. It helps to label your boxes in an easy to understand manner. Labels with a white background usually stand out on the brown cartons and wide tipped color markers do improve your chances of identifying box contents easily.

Establishing a system that groups boxes according to the type of articles stored in them would be very beneficial here. For example a box containing kitchen spices could be labeled as: KIT/Spice Kit

The placement of the labels too is rather important for they are only useful when visible. This is why; the top and bottom sides must be avoided. Descriptions labels are best stuck along the length of the boxes. This leaves the remaining two sides for special instructions like those used while labeling boxes that hold delicate or fragile items.

One of the best places to go to for storage boxes would be the Box Shop. It is an online storage materials shop operated by Storage Kuwait, one of the leading removal solutions and house moving services provider in Kuwait. Besides storage boxes, one can also find a wide range of other packing materials like bubble wrap, tape, etc. Visit today to discover the entire range at: